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Mar. 28th, 2010


(no subject)

my mind was wandering aimlessly the other day and at one point i ended up jotting this down:

I stand among the ruins,
of glories come and past,
and dream about the days of yore,
this place now rests at last.

short i know, but i just felt like sharing.

Dec. 8th, 2008


(no subject)

well, i recently decided to quit smoking and this is the end of day 2 of wearing the patch.

i also recently buzzed my hair off.....perhaps an odd time of the year for a buzz cut but i guess sometimes i'm just odd

Nov. 27th, 2008


this & that

Well this is my first thanksgiving in a few years that i'm not having with both shane's and my family. He's doing his thing and i'm doing mine. We are planning on doing something together later though. I still can't believe things have ended up where they are between us, but thats life for ya i guess. things will work out one way or another.

i'm thinking of cutting my hair again but i'm not really sure...i've always had a thing for long hair, but i think i look pretty sexy with it cut off.

I bought me a really nice cock ring from Gear Essentials the other week. Its heavier than other cock rings i've tried but feels sooooo good ^_^

well, time to go stuff myself i think!

Jun. 10th, 2008

Cute wolf

Its a Kilt!

So i purchased a kilt recently, a utilikilt to be specific, and i really like it.

i'm not sure where my desire to get one really came from but it did. i don't think shane is much of a kilt fan though... when i started talking about getting one he kinda looked at me funny. i cut my hair a week ago after letting it grow to about shoulder length. whats worse though than me missing it a little is my neck got a nasty sunburn at work friday.

May. 29th, 2008

Cute wolf

(no subject)

So they gay community in my area has a social night at a coffee house every week, and its where i first got out and got to meet people around here. Its also where i first met my partner. The sad thing is, the coffee shop is closing at the end of the week. I know that people are trying to find another place to have a coffee night, which i'll admit would be nice, but i have so many memories at this place.

We've some of my friends coming down from vegas friday to visit us and see our place (maybe have a few drinks & get the music pumpin'). my best friend emily is leaving this weekend though, she is going up north to the salt lake area and staying with her brother for an unset period of time.

May. 13th, 2008

Cute wolf

a change of scene

I was standing outside with shane last night smoking while my mind was wandering off to god knows where. I was just thinking i guess of how much i would love to get away for a little bit, from everyone here. Maybe off to somewhere with some beautiful scenery.....i know that i have beautiful parks right in my own back yard, but i've seen those, for my whole life practically. Maybe i can figure out a way to make that trip to see my uncle ;-)

Apr. 29th, 2008

Writers block

Writer's Block: House Call

Whose house (besides your own) were you in last and why?
I was at my friend chris's for a financial meeting regarded pride stuff. which isn't too bad aside the long "deep and meaningful" speeches he seems to let out every 5 seconds.
Wolf face

An unexpected success

So southern utah pride had its first fundraiser of the year this past saturday and somehow i was the person "volunteered" to put it together.....which to be completely honest was overwhelming. I'm the treasurer for southern utah pride, i'm supposed to handle money affairs not try to organize and dictate an event. Despite my unhappiness of it all, when it came down to the event eveything went great. It felt natural to actually be leading at that point and make sure everything got done.

Apr. 18th, 2008

Wolf face

its a great day today

happy birthday to my uncle!!! (and to me!!) ........ummm, thats about it, nothing else on my brain.

Apr. 1st, 2008

Wolf face

I didn't fall off the face of the planet....

hey, sorry i haven't posted since i got back from my cruise. i'll take a moment to tell you all that it was absolutely fabulous! Only one nasty outburst between my sisters and i fixed that real quick. I did get a little dizzy every time the boat was moving, but that wasn't about to stop me from having the time of my life. oh, i also won this corny little dance-off thing(and i say corny cause thats kinda how all the entertainment was). Alas, i am back to everyday life, which has been feeling rather busy lately. Between work, building an rpg for my missionary friend, and building/running the treasurer position for southern utah pride i just don't seem to have a lot of free time. i'm adjusting though.

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